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Let us help you have a professional-looking course with our custom full-color disc golf tee signs. From our basic level to our Championship packages, our graphic designers will be with you throughout the process.
Our custom tee signs will be designed and themed with your course in mind.

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Disc Golf Tee Sign Materials

Sign Materials

Modern Materials

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All signs are protected with a patent-pending coating UV Armor gives them superior endurance against breaking, cracking, or significant fading due to environmental effects. Unlimited colors and custom shapes. Whatever colors, shapes, or messages you want for your signs, we can print them. Our signs can be printed on different substrates (Aluminum Composite Material or Aluminum) so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


High Resolution graphics

High Resolution graphics

High Resolution Graphics

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Our disc golf tee signs use custom in-house imagery that displays high-resolution detail giving the signs a professional look.  Our team doesn’t use templates for tee sign designs to ensure that each course has its own unique look.  With over 25 years in graphic design, we are able to complete and deliver each unique product in a timely manner with perfect results.  Don’t settle for ordinary. Let us help you bring your tee signs to a higher standard.


Sponsorship Placements

Sponsorship Placements

Sponsorship Placement

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Adding a sponsorship logo to each sign is an effective way to cover the expense for you or your club. Sponsoring presents an opportunity for companies to highlight their commitment and support to the target market.  We will be glad to supply you or your disc golf club with a sponsorship proposal that you can present to potential sponsors in your area!  You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to obtain sponsors when you have something to present them.


Free Disc Golf Rules Sign!

Every Championship and 1000 Rated Packages will include a FREE Disc Golf Rules sign.

Along with having fun, safety is the main priority.  It’s important to have the basic rules at the beginning of each course to give new players an understanding of how the game is played.   Other safety and course navigation signs are available if needed.

Our rules signs includes:

  • Safety First
  • Tee Throws
  • Throwing Order
  • Fairway Throws
  • Mandatory
  • Unplayable Lie
  • Out of Bounds
  • Completion of Hole
  • Course Couresy



Minimal Low Cost Design


4″ x 8″

Great for Navigation or Extra Tees

UV Resistant



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Larger Detailed Signs


8″ x 10″

Full-Color Hole Layout

UV Resistant



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High Resolution Maps


9″x 13.5″

High Resolution Hole Layout

UV Resistant

Sponsorship Placement


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1000 Rated

Unique Custom Shapes


Any Custom Size and Shape

High Resolution Hole Layout

UV Resistant

Sponsorship Placement


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How It Works…

  • Step 1. Gather Information
  • Step 2. Design
  • Step 3. Proofing
  • Step 4. Print and Delivery
Step 1. Gather Information

The first step is to discuss what material would be best and what size/shape options you would prefer.  Then you will need to gather all the information needed for the project.  We will send you a disc golf tee sign template to print and sketch a rough layout ( don’t worry you don’t need to be an artist).  The sketches will include the layout, distances, and any other unique items like Out of Bounds or Mando’s.   Photos from each hole also help but aren’t necessary.  During this time we will start on the layout design.

Once all the Sketches are done they can be scanned in or you can take a photo of each one.  If you are collecting sponsors, now is the time to collect all their information and logos.   Email everything to us in a .ZIP file or upload to a shared Dropbox.

Step 2. Design

Once the files are received and checked for any missing information, we will start building the signs.  The design process can be done in a day, but typically takes 3 or less depending on the number of sizes.  Our designers have access to the latest software and graphics to speed up the process and make the best-looking disc golf tee signs possible.

Step 3. Proofing

When the design of each tee sign is complete, we will email a PDF with all the signs for you to check.   Here you find that you want to add something that was forgotten earlier in Step 1.   After all signs are approved, we ask that you sign off on them and we move to print.

Step 4. Print and Delivery

Once signs are sent to the print dept., it usually takes a couple of days for them to be completed.   All tee signs are carefully packaged and shipped to your desired location FREE of charge.

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