Scorpion Disc Golf Course – Terrell , TX


The Scorpion stands as the second course within The Hideaway Disc Golf Ranch, an enchanting 18-hole woodland course cradled in the arms of nature. Enhanced by trees and varying elevations, it introduces an added layer of thrill and strategic complexity to your game. The course boasts turf tee pads, offering a sturdy launchpad for a consistently gratifying experience. The presence of MVP Black Hole Portal baskets, equipped with a 36-gauge galvanized steel chain assembly, ensures a professional touch.

More than just a course, “The Scorpion” presents an adventure that beckons you to hone your skills, immerse yourself in the wilderness, and relish the gratification of mastering the intricacies of wooded disc golf. Remarkably, this experience unfolds within a convenient 45-mile radius of downtown Dallas.