Cedar Beach


Cedar Beach Disc Golf Course – Heber Springs, Arkansas

The Cedar Beach Disc Golf Course in Arkansas stands out not only for its natural charm and challenging layout but also for its innovative approach to sustainability. Among its notable features are the tee signs that go beyond providing course information – they prominently display large sponsorship placements. This ingenious initiative not only assists players in navigating the course but also helps fund the costs associated with maintaining and improving the course infrastructure. Local businesses and disc golf enthusiasts alike find this avenue appealing, as it allows them to contribute to the course’s upkeep while gaining exposure to the growing disc golf community. This unique blend of recreational enjoyment and community engagement solidifies Cedar Beach Disc Golf Course’s reputation as a model for sustainable and collaborative recreational spaces.

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  • 18″ x 11″ Tee with sponsorships
  • 9″x 13.5″ ACM Signs
  • 43″ x30″ Course Overview
  • UV Protection