Liberty University – Hydaway


Hydaway Disc Golf Course

The Hydaway Disc Golf Course at Liberty University boasts an innovative feature that enhances the playing experience – color-coded tee signs for each tee pad position. This thoughtful addition not only serves as a functional aid but also adds a visually appealing dimension to the course. As players step up to each tee, they’re greeted by these signs, clearly indicating the specific hole layout and the different tee pad options available.

The color-coded system serves as a valuable navigational tool, ensuring that players can easily identify which tee pad corresponds to their skill level. Whether one is a beginner, intermediate player, or an expert seeking a greater challenge, these signs streamline the process of selecting the appropriate tee position. This inclusivity caters to a wide range of players, promoting a welcoming environment for those new to the sport as well as those looking to test their skills.

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  • 9″x 13.5″ ACM Signs
  • 30″ x 43″ Course Overview
  • UV Protection